For businesses with more than a few employees using the standard provider router will most likely not be sufficient. Smart Systems Thailand can help you set up and configure Wifi and Routers so you can be sure to have proper signal coverage, security and network speed everywhere.

Quality Equipment

We supply only the best equipment from companies like Ruckus, Mikrotik, and Ubiquity.

Free Network Audit

Slow network? Let us check what can be done, free of charge!

Firewall Configuration

Proper configuration of your Firewall is very important. We can assist you with this!

Wifi & Routers

Why upgrade your basic provider Wifi Router?

The routers supplied by your provider are usually lower cost models which carry only small performance CPU and little RAM. If you connect more then 5 devices most of them start to throttle and become unstable. The best setup would be to place a proper router behind it, like the ones supplied by Mikrotik. These have a build in firewall that can be configured to keep threats out of your companies network. Installing a high-quality Wifi access point i.e. from Ruckus or Ubiquity will guarantee the quality of the Wifi network. These high-quality routers can easily manage over 100 wireless connections at the same time. Slow networks are a thing of the past with a proper setup and Smart Systems Thailand can help you with this.

Wifi & Routers 2

How can we help you with your Wifi problem?

If you are having Wifi problems like “wifi keeps disconnecting” or “wifi is slow” the most likely cause is a network that has not properly been configured, or, the routers are not powerful enough to support a larger number of clients. The Smart Systems Thailand Team can help you out! You can use our free IT-Audit to let us check your network and come up with a solution to your Wifi problems.