Website Speed Optimization

Your websites speed is very important for 2 reasons. Firstly customers like browsing fast websites. After 3 seconds of opening a website, people are starting to leave. Especially for E-Commerce sites, speed optimization is of the highest importance. The second reason is SEO optimization. Google ranks fast websites higher then slow sites so this is another compelling reason to make your website as fast as possible. Websites build by Smart Systems Thailand are already speed optimized but if your current site is slow, we can help you out! Test your sites speed for free at GT-Metrix.

Site Speed Optimization

Bring your website up to speed with our optimization service.

Optimize your Server

Optimize your server settings for the highest possible site speed.

Image Optimization

Make sure your website's images are optimized for the best speed/quality ratio.

Website Speed Optimization

Why Site Speed is important?

A fast website keeps both your clients and Google happy. Fast websites result in higher ranking and higher sales volumes. Too often companies have a website designed that looks great but uses a slow template with high-resolution images grinding it to a halt. In general, the speed of your website should not be higher than 3-4 seconds. Smart Systems Thailand can optimize your website for speed and increase Google ranking and sales.

Website Speed Test

How can we speed up your site?

Site speed optimization depends on a number of factors. A few of the things we will do to speed up your website are: optimizing images, optimizing server settings and scripts, check server hardware and location, install caching plugins and if not in use yet, install a proper CDN solution. Contact us today for a free IT-Audit!