Computer systems nowadays are so fast they hardly utilize their full potential. Companies can benefit from this and save cost by utilizing virtualization services. Virtualization basically means running more than one Operating System within a container on the same hardware platform. Resources like CPU, disk, and memory are shared over different operating systems that can host different applications.

Utilize Hardware Resources

Run multiple services like e-mail, hosting or your accounting software on the same hardware using virtualization.

Cost Saving

Save cost by using a single server system for multiple tasks, easy backup and hardware management.

Platform Independent

Run multiple OS on one physical computer saves you a lot of money!

Virtualization Services

Why Virtualization Services?

Typically you only use 10-20% of a computers maximum capacity. Virtualization utilizes this situation by splitting up the resources of a single computer over multiple applications. Here are 5 reasons why to use Virtualization Services:

1. Reduction of hardware cost
2. Faster deployment of new services
3. Easy disaster recovery
4. Save energy cost
5. Increase IT Staff productivity

virtualization services

How does our virtualization service work?

After our IT Audit, we are able to decide if Virtualization Services will benefit your organization. We are able to use physical onsite hardware as well as hosted hardware and paid services like VMWare or freeware like Proxmox. Often existing hardware can be split up to host more than one application without issues, saving your company lots of money in the process.