Smart Systems Thailand offers a full range of Video Surveillance products and services to meet different budgets, scales of operation and performance expectations for different clients. Whether you need a solution tailor-made to your needs, or a specific system that just works, SST has the perfect answer. Ultimately, we take away all video surveillance challenges and offer reliability, innovation, and security

Security Monitoring

Real-time monitoring to prevent crime.

Save Cost

Lower the cost of video surveillance needs in various ways including smart choice of hardware/infrastructure and software, easy installation, less manpower for monitoring.

Installation and Configuration service

Set-up NVR, surveillance cameras, video management software, phone and email support, etc.

Threats Prevention

Early identification of threats based on triggers like license plates, object tracking etc.

Infrastructure design

A video surveillance system designed for your locations specific requirements.

Data Collection

Gain security intelligence as well as business intelligence from your existing video data.

Video Surveillance

Why Video Surveillance?

Video Surveillance is present in most businesses today. It is mainly being used for protection against threats. The technology has come a long way and in combination with data collection, it can be used for other alternatives like i.e. customer tracking. Gathered surveillance data can give insight into consumer behavior and buying patterns. The Smart Systems Thailand Team can help you set up a system build to your companies specification and needs.

Our Video Surveillance Solution

Our mantra when it comes to surveillance systems is to evolve along with technology while still assuring our client’s security, reliability, and innovation. Our goal is to provide a seamless solution that takes the struggle away, makes it easy for you to collect the right information and analyze it for your needs.

Beyond providing options for higher video recording resolutions, HDR, cloud storage or advanced local storage solutions, we go a step further to also use deep learning algorithms along with smart analytics for image enhancement, object tracking, object detection, object re-identification and more.

Additionally, configuring and integrating current systems better as well as consultation and support services for the best video system or service is part of the package that we offer. All this is done at different scales, budgets and performance expectations.