UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is necessary to safeguard your expensive IT Equipment as well as data. Power spikes in the Thai power grid can easily destroy computer hardware. How often does it happen you are working on something and suddenly the power drops and your PC shuts down, all work you have not yet saved is gone. When the power suddenly comes back, the power supply or worse, the logic board from your PC can short circuit. A UPS System (battery pack) can solve this problem easily and protect both your hardware and data. We supply only the best quality UPS Systems from APC.

Avoid Hardware Damage

A UPS can make sure your IT Equipment is protected against power spikes.

Data Security

Don't lose data because of sudden system shutdowns.

Uptime Garanteed

A UPS System can guarantee system up time even the power grid is down.

UPS Systems

How does a UPS work?

A UPS is basically a huge battery pack for your PC or Server equipment. When there are drops in the power network, the UPS will keep the PC running for a number of minutes so you have the time to save your data and shut down the system properly. UPS can also be programmed to shut down systems by themselves in case you are not on-site. It provides critical systems from a stable supply of power and avoids damage caused by power spikes. In Thailand basically, every PC and Server system should be powered by a UPS if you want to make sure your hardware and data are safe.

UPS Systems 2

How to choose the correct UPS System?

Choosing the right UPS for your hardware can be a difficult task. It depends on the needed up-time, power consumption and the number of devices protected by the UPS. Smart Systems Thailand can help you set up and manage the UPS Systems and choose the right capacity to match your equipment. Contact us today for a FREE IT-Audit in which we can also advise on the need of UPS Systems in your organization.