Storage Systems are critical in every company nowadays. We are moving from local storage to more centralized storage. Centralizing your storage has a few advantages. It is easier to manage data and hardware. It is also easier to backup centrally stored data and in most cases cheaper. For most SMB’s NAS or Network Attached Storage Systems are the best solution. Some others choose for a Cloud solution instead, or, a combination of both. For companies with only a few employees and small storage requirements, the Cloud might be a good alternative.

Integrated Cloud

Most NAS Systems have an integrated Cloud solution.

Lower Cost

NAS systems offer savings in many aspects, shared drives, shared backup, shared cloud etc.


NAS can scale with your future storage needs

Storage System

Why using NAS/Cloud?

Imagine you have 50 people working for you whom all have their own PC system with their own hard drive. They all generate data which is then stored on their local PC drive. For the management of the company, it is difficult to find specific data if it is divided over 50 PC systems. It is also more difficult and expensive to backup 50 PC hard-drives all at once. The solution to this problem is centralized storage like NAS or a Cloud-based system. Users store their data centrally where its easily manageable and can be backed up. NAS systems are also ideal to use as a backup for devices like PC’s, Laptop or Smartphone. Alternatively, they can be used for a host of services like Web Server, Mail Server, Media Server, FTP Server or for storage of your security camera data.

Storage System 2

How to choose the right NAS/Cloud?

Choosing the right Storage System is not always easy. It depends on many factors like the current IT Infrastructure, the number of employees, the variety of devices in the network and future expected growth. Smart Systems Thailand can help you choose the correct Storage System, help you set it up and maintain it in the future. Feel free to contact us and plan a FREE IT-AUDIT with our team and learn how you can save cost on your IT Budget.