SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is one of the most important factors when running any website. You can have the best-looking website in the world, its not of much use without traffic. Most of the traffic comes from search engines, with Google Search being the number one. Google ranks websites based in a complex algorithm. Although no one knows exactly how it works, there are a great number of things you can do to make your website rank higher in Google. Smart Systems Thailand has over 15 years experience with SEO and can help you out with getting your website up in the rankings.

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Keyword Research

Our team will help you find the best keywords, these are not always the most obvious ones!

Landing Page Building

Landing pages are a great way to improve your SEO rating.

On-Page Optimization

Every single page of your website needs to be optimized for the targeted keywords.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc are all important to improve SEO visibility.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page SEO refers to all activities intended to improve your visibility that is done outside of your website, like i.e. link building.

Save Money

With proper SEO you can save yourself the money of having to advertise for clicks. Adwords can be a good addition to SEO though.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO is important?

Your new website is online and you need traffic. There are basically 2 ways to do generate this traffic. You can pay for banners and add-campaigns, or you make sure your website is ranking in the top of search engines. Both methods cost money. Adds will cost you per click, the more clicks the more it costs. A well-executed SEO campaign can bring much more traffic at a lower cost. Not to mention the fact that clients usually appreciate the number one link higher than the number one advertisement. A website that ranks high most likely is the authority in their field is the assumption. We are not saying SEO is the only way to go through. Usually, a combination of an AdWords campaign and SEO optimization works best for new websites who do not rank high yet.

IT Audit

How does SEO work?

The process of optimizing a website for SEO usually exists of a number of steps that need to be executed:

– Keyword Research
– On-page optimization
– Off-page optimization
– Link building
– Landing pages
– Blog writing
– Speed Optimization
– Rank tracking

The Smart Systems Thailand Team can help you in executing these steps and make sure your website ranks better than ever before, guaranteed! Contact us today for a FREE CONSULT.