There are endless examples of how cybercriminals have exploited organizations both big and small. As such, safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your organization’s information, (whether your customer’s data or your own data), is critical to ensuring the long-term growth of your organization. For this reason, IT security continues to play a pivotal role across all industries, organizations and in all personal interactions- in both public and private forums. Smart System Thailand’s Security Checkup makes sure your companies information is safe.

Secure your Devices

Make sure all devices connected to your network are safe and secure with our Security Checkup.

Cost Savings

Cleaning systems that have been hacked is a costly matter, preventing it is the way to go!

Hardware Vulnerability

Frequently testing the security of your systems, routers and access points is of vital importance.

Security Checkup

Why do a Security Checkup?

If you ever had a website being hacked, you know it can cost lots of money to clean the site. Losing customer details is probably one of the worst things that can happen. The handling of critical customer details like credit card info asks for extra security measures. It is staggering to see companies use basic provider routers without even enabling the firewall. The Smart Systems Thailand Team can support you with all your security issues and the best way to start is to plan a Security Checkup.

Security Checkup 2

How does our Security Checkup work?

Our team will visit your location and map the current hardware/software setup. We will see how devices like laptops, PC’s and Smartphones are secured. We will also check network devices like routers, access points, and servers and map how they are secured and what needs to be done to make them (more) secure. We will end our Security Checkup with a proposal for making your network more secure.