POS Systems or Point of Sale Systems are usually found in businesses with a retail storefront. Often it is an extension of a companies webshop that can be easily accessed via a wireless device like i.e. and iPad. It basically replaced the old fashion cash register and connects directly with the IT Infrastructure and stock management system. Customer and order data can be easily registered and stock data is available on the spot. If you are running a retail business and plan on opening an E-Commerce website, a POS integration is highly recommended. Smart Systems Thailand can help you set up the system and maintain it if needed.

Increas Efficiency

Faster checkouts with POS and barcode scanner integration.

Better Accuracy

No counting errors as goods can be scanned.

Stock Management

Easier to control stock management.

Easier Accounting

POS Systems integrate directly with your accounting software.

Easier Payments

POS offers many payment solutions, credit cards, cash, Paypal etc.

Manage Employees

Register worked hours and sales performance per employee easily.

POS System

Why using a POS System?

The advantages of using a POS System compared with a simple cash register are numerous. Here are the top 10 reasons to move from an ECR (Electronic Cash Register) to a POS System:

1. Higher Efficiency
2. Easier to use
3. Easier Payment Options
4. Accurate
5. Inventory Management
6. Employee Management
7. Better Reporting
8. Simplified Accounting
9. Detailed Receipts
10. High-Speed Service

If you are still using an old cash register it is time to upgrade. The cost-benefit of POS Systems are huge and the investment will be earned back within no time.

POS System 2

How to choose the right POS System?

Are you thinking about upgrading your Cash Register to a POS System but have no idea where to start? Smart Systems Thailand can help you out. We will look at your current IT system and make a suggestion for improvement and help you choose the best POS Solution for your business. Our FREE IT-AUDIT can point you in the right direction.