Buying the correct PC Systems for your company is not always an easy task. Many companies spend way too much money on systems that are not necessary for the tasks they are meant to handle.

Let’s say you are looking for a low-cost workstation that needs a browser, email, and Skype. For many people, the obvious choice would be a “low cost” PC System, usually fitted with a slow 1TB SATA drive, 4GB of RAM and a pre-installed Windows license on it. Smart Systems Thailand would advise you differently. We suggest going for a small 128GB SSD drive which is much faster than the slow SATA drive. Our preferred OS for such PC Systems would be Linux, its free of charge, stable, has almost no virus and 4GB of RAM is plenty where it is very low for Windows 10. The office and e-mail applications for Linux are also free of charge! As storage, we would recommend using a central NAS station. The cost saved by the windows license is enough to pay for such a central storage system. What you have then is a stable, scalable, easy to backup network with central storage at a lower cost.

This is our goal as Smart Systems Thailand. Advise you what you need, at the lowest cost possible.

Save Cost

Get the best systems for the job, and save your IT Budget.

PC Repair

We are able to service all your systems in case they are defect.

CTO PC Systems

Get your systems Customized To Order, exactly configured how you want them, prepared for the task.

PC Systems Support

We can support all your systems both remote and on-site.

Multiple OS Support

We support Windows, Linux as well as OSX!

PC Consulting

We can advise you what systems are best for your business needs, free of charge!

PC Systems

Why buy PC Systems from SST?

The team of Smart Systems Thailand has been working with PC systems since the Pentium 1. We have extensive experience with multiple hardware and software platforms. Our parent company Dr. Macbook Thailand is the leader in Mac repair & support in Thailand. We also have extensive knowledge of Windows and Linux systems both on client and server side. Our combined experience makes us confident that we can be a perfect partner for you to advise you on what hardware and software to implement for your next IT Project.

PC Systems 2

What PC Systems to buy?

Smart Systems Thailand has a free IT Audit in which we look at your current IT Infrastructure and then bring out an advice on what we would recommend improving. Even if you only plan to buy a number of PC Stations or Workstations, you are free to use our IT Audit and get our free consult on the configuration of such systems. We can help you with PC Systems, Linux Systems, Server Systems, Graphic Workstation but also Apple hardware via our partner Dr. Macbook Thailand.