For startups and smaller sized businesses having a full-time network administrator on the payroll does not always make sense. The Network Administration service offered by Smart Systems Thailand can help you out. We offer a customized solution for part-time remote network administration so you don’t have to invest in staff you cannot fully utilize in your organization.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing Network Administration can save your company a lot of costs. Smart Systems Thailand can manage your complete network remotely at a much lower cost then onsite staff.

Always Updated to Latest Tech

Working with Smart Systems Thailand guarantees you are always working with the latest tech. No high cost keeping your staff trained.

Better Risk Management

Reduce risk by having our team take care of your IT Infrastructure. Backups will be automated, network issues resolved quickly and hardware failure notified in advance.

Network Administration

Why outsource Network Administration?

The outsourcing of networking administration has become very popular. Instead of the extensive cost, of hiring an internal team, Smart Systems Thailand can take care of your network remotely at a much lower cost. The knowledge of our time will save your organization time, money and increase your competitiveness.

Network Administration Outsourcing

How does Network Admin Outsourcing work?

After our free Network Audit, we can determine the number of hours needed to keep your network up and running. It depends mainly on the size of your organization and the complexity of your IT System. In some cases, you might only need a few hours per month and in other cases, it might be a full-time job equivalent. We will provide you with a quotation that best fits your needs and guaranteed to save you cost in comparison with hiring your own staff.