Want to know how to save cost on your IT expenses? Worried about the security of your network? Need a more scalable IT solution? Our free basic IT Audit can answer your questions at no cost. We will look at your current setup and suggest you where you can save money. Where are the bottlenecks in your network and how can we improve this.

Meet the Team

Our free IT Audit is an excellent opportunity for us to learn to know you and your organization with no strings attached.

Free IT Audit

Get your system checked with a free IT Audit and get advise on improvements and cost savings by the Smart System Thailand team!

Free Quotation

After our initial IT Audit, we will provide you with a free quotation on a solution that will save you money

IT Audit

Why do an IT Audit?

There can be many reasons for you to do an IT-Audit: expanding the business, looking for vulnerabilities in your network, upgrading old systems or maybe you are looking for an ERP system that better suits your needs. Our experienced team can help you out answering these difficult questions so you can focus on what matters, your core business!

IT Audit

How does the IT Audit work?

Our team will visit your location and access your current system. What hardware is in place, what software are you running, how many workspaces are there and what security system is being used? These are a few of the questions we will need to answer. We will map the workflow and come up with suggestions to make your IT system better and save you cost in the process.