If your are in need of Hardware Repair, Smart Systems Thailand repair partners can help you out. Dropped coffee on your macbook or dropped your iPhone X and the display is cracked? Our partners Dr. Smartphone Thailand and Dr. Macbook Thailand can help you out. Also for basic data recovery services Dr. Macbook can often help you out!

Free Checkup

Free checkup of your defect hardware after which you will receive a repair quote

Free IT-Audit

Fast Turn Around

Repairs are done as fast as technically possible, usually within hours.


Warranty provided on every repair!

Smartphone Repair Dr. Smartphone Thailand

Why Dr. Smartphone Thailand?

Dr. Smartphone Thailand is the number one Smartphone repair company in Thailand. The service offered are: free pickup/return in Thailand, free checkup, parts replacements (i.e. cracked displays), component level logicboard repairs, liquid damage cleaning or data recovery services. All provided with a minimum of 3 month warranty.

Dr. Macbook Thailand Macbook repair

Why Dr. Macbook Thailand?

Dr. Macbook Thailand is the number 1 repair center for Apple equipment in Thailand. Some of the services offered are: free pickup/return in Thailand, data recovery, logicboard repair, liquid damage repair and parts replacements. If you have any trouble with your Apple hardware, feel free to contact them and get a free checkup and quotation.