Smart Systems Thailand’s Email and Spam protection services are designed to provide granular protection of your Email. The service can be deployed either as a cloud service or on-site depending on requirements. Through proactive management of Email security and high-performance IT efficiency, SST allows organizations to save time and costs while exponentially increasing efficiency and productivity. Our service upholds the highest standards of data compliance and ensures security, privacy, confidentiality, and trust.

Automatic Updates

Always be updated for protection against virus and spam.

Protect your Data

Keep your business data safe and secure.

Cloud Based Options

Cloud-based solutions are available. Saving local resources and keeping your anti-virus definitions up-to-date via machine learning.

Email and Spam protection

Why Email and Spam protection?

Inadequate email and spam protection can waste a huge amount of limited organizational resources especially time and money. For example, employees can waste significant amounts of time sifting through unimportant emails or spam every day. Spam can lower server performance based on its sheer quantity, bulk, and frequency. Worst of all infected or weaponized emails can severely compromise bottom line’s, security, privacy, confidentiality, and trust.

Email and spam protection is, therefore, a necessity that any organization should appreciate. What’s more is that sophisticated solutions are required to not only control the problem but to proactively stem the spam problem before it can become an actual concern. Such protection, when done properly can actually enhance productivity and improve performance.

Email and Spam protection 2

What is our solution?

To thwart spam and unprotected emails from causing damage or from wasting resources, SST offers an Email and Spam protection service that combines predictive, preventative and quick response solutions. These solutions stop data leaks, prevent targeted attacks and counteract other email security threats before or immediately after an attack. The service can be deployed either as a cloud service or on-site depending on specific needs.

Using cutting-edge, multifaceted detection engines and by continuously updating threat intelligence schemes SST provides secure email and stops spam without stutter or inconvenience to end-users. Some of the email security threats that we can stem include:

• Ransomware
• Whaling attacks or Phishing
• Malicious links in inbound emails
• Malware and viruses
• Adult content
• Social engineering attacks tempting end-users to take unauthorized action or to divulge restricted information.
• And many more unforeseen threats