Cloud Migration is one of the most popular services offered by Smart Systems Thailand. Nowadays most people think of the Cloud as a place where they store their backup online. “the Cloud” basically means “the internet” and servers, storage and applications can be delivered without physical access. Our Team can help you migrate certain aspects of your business to the cloud avoiding you the high cost of hardware, security, and maintenance.

Cloud advantages

Moving your data and applications to the cloud saves cost on expensive hardware and offers security and availability.

Better Security

Specialized cloud companies are often in a better position than you to offer high security on your valuable data.

Work Anywhere

Hosting not only data but also applications in the cloud offers the possibility to work from anywhere, using any device.

Why migrate to the Cloud?

Migrating your Data, backups, and applications to the cloud can have huge advantages for both large and smaller companies. Our team can help you make the proper choice of migrating specific services to the Cloud. The advantages are clear, no need to maintain expensive hardware, secure data backup and easy access to data and applications. With the drop in prices of Cloud services, it is available to every company and can have a huge impact on your IT budget in a positive way.

How does the Cloud Migration work?

After our Free IT AUDIT, we will analyze what data and applications are suitable and more cost efficient to run in the cloud. When the decision is made to move certain data and/or applications to the cloud, we will handle this migration process for you. This will be done without downtime so you can continue your work as usual and take advantage of a cloud-based system.