Your companies data is probably the most important asset. It has to be stored in a secure accessible environment and backup to a secure location. The choice of the correct hardware and software is not an easy one. Smart Systems Thailand is there to help you out and can advise you on the best solutions available.

Centralize Storage

Rather than store information on every PC scattered over the network, you can save cost store data in one central place accessible to everyone.

Centralized Backup

Storing data in a central place makes it very easy to back up. Backups should be stored both onsite and offsite for security reasons.

Cloud Access

Centrally stored data can be easily made accessible through the cloud so you can access it from anywhere in the world in a secure way.

Backup & Storage

Why Backup & Storage is important?

A properly setup storage system makes data available to your whole team and can be managed centrally. Backups are simplified as we only backup the central storage unit. Central storage units are easy to maintain and upgrade. The Smart Systems Thailand Team can help you choose the best solution for your business.

Backup & Storage 2

How can Backup & Storage save cost?

Instead of having your companies data spread out over the workstations of all employees, using a central NAS system (Network Attached Storage) will make it available to all. Not only within the internal network but, if needed, also in the cloud. It can be used to add extra services like a backup, web server, mail server, app server, and many other applications. Smart Systems Thailand can help you set up and maintain these systems and save you a lot of costs. Contact us today and let us explain to you how we can save you cost!