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Welcome to Smart Systems Thailand

Smart Systems Thailand helps small and medium sized business with their IT Infrastructure. From Networking, Storage Systems to E-Commerce projects, we got you covered!

Smart Systems Thailand supports the growth and continuity of our clients via high-quality IT Management. We offer remote as well as on-site support for all your IT projects. Among the solutions we offer are hardware procurement, hardware and software installation, remote management of workstations and servers, web design & implementation and Search Engine Optimization, to mention a few. Our team works as an extension of your company and our goal is to make Information Technology work for you, so our support is not needed in most cases. We can help you utilizing IT to further grow your business and make it sustainable and profitable. IT systems are supportive of businesses and we understand that cost should be kept as low as possible while enabling the infrastructure to scale for future rapid growth. Smart Systems Thailand is perfectly capable to help your business in all IT related fields. Why not try our Free Audit and see how you can start saving money?


We help SMB’s to build up and maintain their IT Infrastructures in a proactive and cost-efficient way.


We want to be the extension of our client’s company, acting on behalf and for our clients, making their business work through Smart IT Solutions.


Smart Systems Thailand pride our-self in our open and clear communication structure, what you see is what you get, and some extras!